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The Griddle N’ Stow™ is Fleming’s finest camping and tailgating accessory. The Griddle N’ Stow™ makes the inconvenience of grilling and all the setup convenient. With no added pieces, the Griddle N’ Stow™ unit will stand sturdy and freely when connected to your bumper!  Whether preparing a great breakfast at your campsite, tailgating at the big game, or preparing the day’s catch. The Griddle N’ Stow™ becomes your outdoor kitchen for all meals! Don’t wait to change everyone’s experience at your next outing do it now with the Griddle N’ Stow™! 


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The Griddle N’ Stow™ accessory fits the top selling 17” and 22” Blackstone griddles on your 4 inch square bumper (many RV’s and Travel trailers have the square bumper.) After using the griddle, the piece can be stowed for transport safely and convenient for the next use, easy to set up and use again and again. Easily attached with 2 u bolts lock nuts and washers included. The Griddle N’ Stow™ has cut outs for the feet of 17 and 22 inch griddles. Griddle must be removed prior to transport. Total stored unit measures 32 inches long. See last picture for a sizing example. *Griddle NOT included*

Another Quality Product From Fleming Sales Company Inc.

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Made in USA

Trademark and Patent Pending

17inch Blackstone Griddle


22inch Blackstone Griddle

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 12 × 9 in


  1. Ted hoefer (verified owner)

    Yes, I wish I had waited – after buying the first version (#12450) just a few months back (along with it’s ‘Bumper Arm Griddle Table’) only to find this newer re-designed (#20202) model now being offered. (now just have to figure what to do with the old one??) This new version is so much stronger in being a ‘fixed’ mounted table and I just love the fact, it is always back there on my ‘Teardrop Trailer’ to be used at any time when traveling on down the road……… No more need for the having to do the removal of a table top along with ‘trying to find’ a storage spot for it (or having to deal with ‘it’s’ weight any longer also). I give this NEW ‘set-up’ a “BIG” 5 star rating so far!!!!!

  2. Bob Herman

    I just installed my new Griddle N Stow #20202 and encountered a major problem! My trailer is Keystone Premier 24RKPR. After mounting to the rear bumper we learned the griddle platform hits the trailer rear wall. Since we are preparing to head to Florida, I removed the swing pin and stored the platform in the basement. It appears there needs to be about one more inch of length on the piece that supports the swivel bolt. This is a serious issue because if I am having interference on this popular model trailer others are sure to have the same issue! I would be happy to provide photos when I get south in warmer weather !!

  3. Bob Herman

    I just purchased the new Griddle N Stow (#20202). I mounted it on rear bumper of my Keystone Premier 24RKPR in preparation for our upcoming trip to Florida. I am impressed by the design and overall built quality, however there is a major design flaw! The swivel arm needs to extend reward by about another inch so that the griddle platform doesn’t contact the the trailer rear panel. I had to remove the swivel bolt and store the moveable platform in my basement, kind of defeating the intent of this product! Just a note of caution to other purchasers. I do realize this is a new product and perhaps a design adjustment is required.

  4. Bob Herman

    I love the concept and design of the new Griddle N Stow ! However we would suggest a design modification to extend the piece the swing bolt goes thru by an inch or so. when folded the griddle support pan contacts the back of our Premier 24RKPR, making it useless for travel. For travel I have to remove the bolt and moveable piece and store it separately.

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