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These grills are intended for use with the RV's self contained LP gas system. Both are available with an optional LP regulator and hose assembly for additional portability.

RV500 - Sidekick Grill
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This grill mounts on a removable bracket to the side of most recreational vehicles. The grill slides onto the bracket and connects to the gas supply with a quick disconnect hose fitting. The bracket folds for ease of storage.

See 1lb Coleman bottle adapter below


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This stainless steel grill in its 12" x 20" x 20" storage compartment takes up very little space. It is mounted on quality ball bearing slides for long life and ease of use.

1 lb Bottle adapter.
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Gas Fittings
Commonly used gas fittings, hoses and accessories for your grill installation.
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This bottle adapter allows the RV500 and RV600 grills to be used as table top grills.